We aspire to be recognized as a college of first choice for excellent and accessible under-graduate education dedicated to serving its surroundings through intellectual, cultural, technological and professional contributions. We aim to be known as an institution whose members share a passion for teaching and learning, an abiding commitment to innovative findings through research and creative activity and maintain a strong sense of responsibility and accountability towards society and nation at large.


  • Cater to students from different socio-economic strata irrespective of caste creed or class
  • Contribute to overall personality development of students through academic, sports, cultural and extension activities.
  • Impart a perfect blend of traditional and modern education
  • Inculcate moral values and nurture a compassionate and progressive attitude.
  • Sensitise students about environmental issues and preservation of natural resources so as to contribute to economic growth of the nation
  • Prepare students to face national and international challenges through effective use of ICT
  • Provide adequate infrastructural facilities for practical and theoretical study of curricula.
  • Use technology in acquisition and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Adopt pedagogical techniques which in both skill based and innovative, to promote employability.
  • Promote research temperament among staff and students.
  • Address the needs and concerns of all our stakeholders.
  • Offer academic and social service to community at large


"Our goal is to create and develop "Modern" youth as responsible citizens with multi-dimensional personalities by inculcating among students a blending of cultural awareness, compassionate and progressive attitude, scientific insights and time-tested traditional values".