No of teaching
posts approved
Filled posts Vacant posts
14 and 5 Total 19 11 and 4=15 03 and 01 Total 04
Sr. No Name Designation Dept. Qualification Experience
1 Dr P.M Katkar Principal Physical education M.PEd. PhD. SET 30
2 Prof. P.L.Kamble Associate professor English M.A. English 32
3 Dr. M.V. Darne Associate professor Marathi M.A. Marathi, M.Phil PhD. 25
4 Dr N.N Meshram Associate professor Geography M.A. Geography
5 Prof. P.G Labhsetwar Librarian Library science and information M.Com. M.LibIsc. 30
6 Prof. G.D Jangamwar Assistant professor Marathi M.A. Marathi, SET 11
7 Prof. P.V. Ghodeswar Assistant professor Ambedkar Thought M.A. NET 11
8 Prof. M.D. Bansod Assistant professor Home economics M.A. M.Phil SET 06
9 Dr. R.D.Hajare Assistant professor English M.A. Bed. M.Phil. PhD. SET 06
10 Prof. C. N Gaurkar Assistant professor Economics M.A M.Phil SET 04
11 Dr P.B Kamble Director, Physical Education Physical education M.PEd. PhD. 04

MCVC and Junior College (Arts) staff.

Sr. No Name Designation Dept. Qualification Experience
1 Shri D.M Uttarwar FTT(Junior college) M.Com ,M.A.B.Ed. MCVC 30
2 Shri H.D. Nikhade FTT(Practical) M.com. M.A. B.Ed. MCVC 29
3 Shri D.M .Awari FTT M.A. M.Ed Arts 04
4 Shri S.R. Lande FTT M.A. M.Ed. Arts 04