About Electronics Department

The department of Electronic Science was established in 1995. It runs first year, second year under Graduate courses B.Sc. Electronic science and B.Sc. Computer science.


  • Research grant Rs.1 lac is sanctioned from BCUD to Department of Electronics in

      academic year 2008-2009 for the project on “The Development of Binary   
Multiplier based on Ancient Indian Vedic mathematics Sutras and its    implementation using Verilog HDL”.

  • 3-Teachers have completed refresher & 2- Teachers have completed orientation course from pune university duration 4 weeks.
  • 1-Teacher participated in one international Conference and two national seminars.
  • Every year 30 to 40 projects are exhibited in the science exhibition conducted by our college.
  • In 2007-08 group of F.Y.B.Sc student got 1st prize in the project competition held in Sinhgad College, Pune.
  • In 2009-10 group of .S.Y.B.Sc student got 1st prize in the project competition held in Symbiosis College, Pune.


e-mail : mrinalbhadane@gmail.com
e-mail: deep.s.kumbhar@gmail.com
e-mail: saroj.holey65@gmail.com



Science Exhibition                                                                                                                                             Certificate Course

Teaching Staff Information : Electronic Sciences Faculty

Name : Ghogare Vaishali P.
Designation : Assistant professor
Qualification : M.Sc. (Electronics), SET
Experience : 9 years
High Lights :
  • Completed one orientation course.
  • Participated in one day workshop on F.Y.B.Sc. (Comp. Sci) Electronics Syllabus implementation, at Indira College
  • Attended one day workshop on Up gradation of B.Sc.(Comp. Sci.) Syllabus in Electronics at D.Y.Patil college.
  • Participated in one day workshop on S.Y.B.Sc. (Comp.Sci.) syllabus framing workshop at St. Mira college.
Email ID : vaishali.salunkhe@moderncollegegk.org
Name : Mrinalini P. Bhadane
Designation : Assistant professor
Qualification : M.sc (Electronics),ADCSSA,SET
Experience : 12 Yrs
High Lights
  • Worked as resource person for designing S.Y.Bsc (cs) syllabus in Electronics in 2003.
  • Publications: TwoText books for S.Y.Bsc (cs) in Electronics.
  • Worked as team member for designing.Bsc (IT) syllabus of YCMOU.
Email ID : mrunalini.bhadane@moderncollegegk.org
Name : Kumbhar Deepak Shivram
Designation : Assistant professor
Qualification : M.Sc. Electronics
Experience : 9 Yrs
High Lights
  • DVLSI Design
  • CCNA
  • EDP in Solar Energy
Email ID : deepak.khumbhar@moderncollegegk.org
Name : Hole Saroj S.
Designation : Assistant professor
Qualification : M.Sc. (Electronics)
Experience : 17 Yrs
High Lights
  • 1) Completed one orientation and three refresher courses.
  • 2)Attended International seminar on Ecosystem Management in 2009. Pune University : 1 day
  • 3) Presented one paper on Office automation with personal computers.
  • 4) Participated in National level IT seminar -2007 in Indira College Pune: 1 day.
  • 5)Worked as organizing committee member in National level seminar on Embedded system in Modern college Pune 5: 3 days
Email ID : saroj.hole@moderncollegegk.org



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