Importance of MODI Script
  • MODI was one of the most important scripts of medieval Maharashtra.
  • All historical documents of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj and Peshwas are written in MODI.
  • MODI is like a short hand.
  • Earlier, in Maharashtra, documents regarding Land Revenue, Judiciary, Justice, Donation of Land (Dan-Patra), Religious matters, Property matters (e.g. matters between brothers), Jahagir vatan, Military orders (Farmane) etc. were written in MODI. Research of these medieval documents is not possible without having proper knowledge of MODI script.
  • All these documents are kept at archrivals like Peshwas Dafftar, Deccan College and Bharat Itihas Sanshodhan Mandal in Pune. But MODI readers are not available easily nowadays.
  • One of the specialties of MODI is you can write words together without lifting your hand with which you are writing.
Only in Pune we have more than 3 Lac documents in MODI. We need to create awareness about MODI amongst the young generation. This will help in research of historical documents which in turn will put more light on the unknown history.
Details of the classes conducted:
Department of History has been conducting classes on MODI script writing since 2009. Prof. Girish Mandke from Deccan College who is an expert in MODI script was appointed as a teacher. Prof. Shruti Bhatkhande, Head of History Department was coordinator of this activity.
  • In year 2009-10, the classes were conducted from 2nd Jan 2010 - 20th Feb 2010; only on Saturdays from 12 Noon - 2 PM. 53 students (school & college students) along with engineers, charted accountants, architects, lawyers etc attended the classes.
  • In year 2010-2011, the classes were conducted from 6th Dec 2010 - 13th Dec 2010. 30 students (school & college students) along with senior citizens attended the classes and gained basic knowledge of MODI script. They learnt basic alphabets and script writing.